55+ Top Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets Designs for Luxury Homes

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Contemporary kitchen cabinets will have simple appearance and will not have any trim or finishes that use as decoration on traditional cabinet. It is more minimalist and sleeker which will make your kitchen appear clean. That is why, the cabinet usually use flat surface and as little ornament as possible.

If you want to have this cabinet style for your kitchen look for one that does not use any raised panels or crown molding. Instead, you need to find something that is sleek with flat surface and simple hardware without any accent.

Because this kitchen cabinet have flat surface style, then it can be use in any kitchen size. In fact, it is very suitable to be use on tight space or small kitchen. Furthermore, since it does not use any crown molding then the cabinet itself will be taller. Thus, you will get more storage on your cabinet.

For the contemporary kitchen cabinets material, you should choose something that is sleek and have clean feeling that suit the style. Materials that you should use such as glass, plastic, concrete, metals and combinations of those materials. But if you want to have warmer appearance, you can combine it with stone or wood veneers.

When it comes for the color, usually this cabinet is created in more monochromatic scheme. Usually they will use neutral color such as black, gray and white. Those color will give clean and sharp appearance that will suit well with this style.

But if you want the kitchen cabinet to stand out more then you can use one bold color as the accent color of the cabinet. But choose color that suitable with the kitchen color itself. You need to use the same accent color that you use in the cabinet throughout your kitchen. Here are some contemporary kitchen cabinets that you can use to create luxury homes.

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