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To make your room move beautiful, you can try to use lighting décor. This item is available in various types so you can choose one based on your need. With the right combination of lighting your room will appear more beautiful since the lights can also be use as decorative element.

This item is not only functional as the source of light in the room, but it will also create warm atmosphere in the room. Do not forget that the lamp also comes in different effect and characteristic that you need to choose.

You also need to think about the reason why you want to use the light as you need to choose suitable light that can serve the purpose well. First you can try to use pendant light which can be put on various spot in the room. Choose pendant light that suitable with the size of the room where you use it.

The next lighting decor that you can use is table lamp. This lamp has various styles that appear beautiful. Thus, you can use this light as a decorative element in the room. Make sure you put them in the right spot to get the right feeling.

Wall lighting is another lamp that you can use in the room. This is important lamp that you need to use if you want to decorate your room. You can use it to illuminate a specific spot in the area. Then the decoration that you put in the spot will appear more interesting and stand out more.

Do not forget that you need to choose the right color for the lamp that you use. Different color will create different atmosphere for your room. For example, if you want warm atmosphere then you need to use warm tone lamp. Here is other lighting decor that you can use to decorate your room.

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