50+ Cozy Modern Romantic Mediterranean Master Bedroom Ideas

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Are you looking forward to design the master bedroom in your house? As the main bedroom in the house, it is not strange to go all out with the design. There is one particular style that people are applying to their main sleeping space, which is the Mediterranean style. This design style is quite popular due to the luxury vibe it offers. It also makes for bedroom space that feels cozy and romantic.

The first example of master bedroom ideas would be the Spanish influenced one. This particular design is more related to the color scheme applied to the bedroom. If usually you will find the regular Mediterranean room using washed out colors, this particular style actually encourages you to go bold with your color choices. There are cases where maroon bedding is placed in a room painted in blue aqua color. Instead of clashing badly, the room is looking harmonious and cozy instead.

If such design is not to your liking, you can employ the regular Mediterranean master bedroom ideas. One particular idea that may interest you is using rustic furniture to fill your room. The color choices needs be earthy, such as dark brown, black, and tan. Distressed finishing tends to be applied in the furniture if you want to get the full rustic Mediterranean vibe. This is a chance to repurpose your family’s furniture heirloom if you have some of them. You can also arrange exposed ceiling beams overhead to improve the rustic vibe in the room.

One thing that you would usually find in Mediterranean style master bedroom is large rug. The rug tends to have ethnic prints on it. Usually, color accents are introduced to the room through the rug. Thus, you can actually choose rug that has pretty bold focal accent in the design. You can add seating area on the rug space too.

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