41+ Awesome Tiny Stone Cottage Interior and Exterior Design Ideas

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Having stone cottage is nice idea. This building can be your best spot when you need to refresh mind or gain calmness. Of course, it should be decorated properly to make it more comfortable. In this case, you can have some good interior ideas to decorate the rooms in cottage. Even if it is only small cottage with few rooms, it does not matter. As long as there some spaces, you can decorate it. Look at these interior and exterior design ideas as references.

When talking about interior and exterior decor, you can start from exterior. It is already a stone cottage, so it actually already has good appearance due to its natural element. That’s why it will better when you keep the natural element. For example, you can add other natural elements for exterior. For example, use nice wooden chair and table sets. Adding some pots of plants may also make it much better.

Regarding the interior, you can also use the same concept. In this case, it is actually perfect when you have chimney and fireplace. At least, stone fireplace is good additional part that can match the stone element. Although you may not fully use the fireplace, it can still be good spot to add ornaments or some frames of photographs. This becomes good insight for interior and exterior design.

When you think it is not enough, you may consider the design of barnwood house. In this case, just leave the ceiling uncovered. It will show the wooden construction. In order to make it look better, paint or add coating layers. The furniture, such as tables or cupboards, may also use the wood. It will give warmth into the room. With all of these ideas, you can create nice interior and exterior concepts for the stone cottage.

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