38+ Extraordinary Ideas Modern Rustic Living Room That Will Amaze You

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Rustic living room will make your home appear more comfortable and warmer. This design usually used on cottage Villa on the countryside. However, you can still use it at your home by adding some modern flair to it.

But the beauty of the living room still comes from the rustic appearance that you use in the area. That is why, you still need to use it as your main theme while adding some more modern hint to it.

First you can start by creating accent wall in the living room using rustic theme. You can try to use materials that will give rustic appearance on the wall such as weathered plaster, stone, porcelain, woods and many other. This method will give dramatic effect on the living room that will show people which theme you going for.

The next thing that you need to do is to choose the right furniture. If you want to, you can try to choose modern furniture that has rustic theme. For example, you can try to use rustic coffee table in the living room. But then you need to pair it with more modern furniture such as modern sofa.

Do not worry, as you can give the modern sofa more rustic appearance when you decorate around it. For example, you can try to use rustic pillow case made from burlap that you put on the sofa. Or you can combine it with rustic armchair as the accent chair used in the room.

Make sure you use modern items that you need since it might be more suitable with your lifestyle. However, to make it appear more rustic, you can add a bit of rustic decoration here and there. That way, people will realize the theme that you are using in the area. Here are other rustic living room with modern touch that amazing to use.

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