38+ Lovely Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

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If you feel that your house facade less appealing or you want it look more attractive, playing with front yard landscaping is one brilliant idea. Every time people pass or pay a visit to your home, the very first part they catch in the eyes will be your front yard. No need to spend too much cost to get a beautiful garden in front of your house.

Impress your guests and also express your personality and taste through the front yard landscaping ideas. The simplest idea is adding flower beds and border with stones. If you got windows exposed on the house facade, adding flowers to window boxes will pop the color to visitor’s sight and will attract the focus directly to the house.

Play with colors by mixing colorful flowers with evergreen bushes. Pay attention to your house paint color to build a plat palette that will make a good unity with all of the elements in your front yard. Concern the climate in your area when you pick the plants to put. Get a full bloom garden by planting annual flowers and hide the low stems with perennial flowers.

Planting succulents works effectively to add interesting element to your front yard landscaping if you live in warm and dry climates. If you are new in gardening, it will also be a good choice for you to put them in front of your house since they have various colors but need a very little care. Ensure to arrange mixed types and textures also vary the height of the succulents to gain the best result.

In addition, working with ornamental grasses in your front garden is going to make one of great front yard landscaping ideas. You can also build more curb appeal for your house by planting flowery trees or one that has beautiful fall leafage.

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