36+ Creative Diy Rustic Home Decor Ideas For Living Room

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Rustic home décor is very popular items that a lot of people uses in their living room. If you are creative enough, you can even DIY them yourself. These items are very easy to create and you can have the ultimate rustic style that you want to get.

First you can try to create hanging lamp using simple items. Find a wooden log that you can hung on the ceiling of the living room. Then attach a few hanging bulbs into the wooden log to create rustic lamp in the living area.

For your corner table, you can make use a simple wooden bowl that have rustic appearance. Then put a few big candles with different sizes inside the bowl. To make the appearance more interesting add a few succulents around the candles. This will make a great centerpiece for your corner table.

If you have more skill, you can even make your own console table that you put behind your couch. Choose a few long wooden logs that have great appearance then design your own console table. You can then use this table to display various items to decorate the living room.

There are a few organizing items that you can also make such as wall hook. You can use wooden plank or any scrap wood that you have at home. Then add a few pulls with various shape that will act as the hook. Then you can hang it on the wall in the living room. You can then hang a few items on the hook as decoration.

Small items or big items can easily be created when you use rustic theme with natural appearance. You can try to create various items that you need for your living room decorations. Here is some rustic home décor that you can DIY for your living room easily during the weekend.

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