33+ Lovely Australian Landscaping Ideas Modern House

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Many aspiring homeowners are excited to utilize some modern Australian landscaping ideas for their future houses. There are various reasons that underlie it. Such house style has the feeling of minimalism and modernism but at the same time it does not look cold either. It still offers some warmth that you would expect to present in a family home. The main theme of this house style would be asymmetry. That is reflected in various aspects of the house, including the landscape.

The first thing that you would notice in the landscape is the outdoor space. No matter how small the house would be, you will see the homeowner sparing a small outdoor space so that the front porch is not directly connected to the road. However, instead of using the front yard as lounging space, the Australian landscaping idea would utilize the back yard instead. The reason is for the utmost privacy of homeowners. You can use the back yard for gardening or swimming pool.

Commonly, the house would be in storey form. This is done to save some space that you would utilize for the outdoor space. The design tends to play around with the roof structure. You would see that the roofs in modern Australian houses tend to be asymmetrical. On one side it might have straight roof, but on the other side, it may have tilted roof. This creates a nice overall look that looks modern.

Another example of Australian landscaping ideas that you may find in the modern Australian houses would be the rooftop garden. This particular design trend is rising due to the limitation of space. Instead of sparing too much outdoor space in the back yard, homeowner can create outdoor garden on the rooftop. You can grow grass and even build swimming pool out there.

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