30+ Best Wood Accents to Beautify Your Bathroom Decor

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Wood accent wall bathroom is the newest trend that you can use to beautify the space. This trend is very popular since nowadays people want to have something with natural appearance on the bathroom. With the wooden accent your bathroom will appear more relaxing. Especially when placed on the wall, then it will create dramatic effect on your bathroom decor.

There are a lot of wooden accent that you can use on your bathroom wall. First is the plank wall which you can easily DIY if you want. The material itself is very cheap so this is very suitable to use by those who have limited budget. Try to paint some of the planks to give it unique appearance.

Another budget friendly option is to use wooden pallet as the material. You can also DIY this on the weekend to change the appearance of your bathroom. This wood accent wall bathroom is very inexpensive but still serve the purpose.

Those who loves farmhouse looking bathroom can try to use mix wood material. You can try to use different wood material with various wooden tone to create rustic look on the wall. This will make the wall look different and beautiful.

For those who have more on their budget, you can easily use any wood that you want in your bathroom. Choose wooden tone that will match well with the color scheme that you use in the bathroom. Do not forget to apply the right treatment to make it more waterproof.

Then to make the appearance more interesting, you can try to create a pattern with the wood. For example, you can use herring bone pattern on the wall to create dramatic appearance. This will surely give your bathroom decor more character that will make it more interesting. Here is other wood accent wall bathroom that you can create to beautify the space.

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