25+ Beautiful Modern Front Yard Landscape Designs Ideas

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Your front yard is basically the face of your house. It is the first thing that visitor will see when they enter your space. Thus, you should aim to make it looking presentable. Arranging your front outdoor space becomes an important challenge that you absolutely need to tackle. There are plenty of front yard landscape design ideas that you can apply to your space. The modern designs are especially popular these days because they suit urban living more.

The first front yard landscape idea is creating a stone path leading up to your front porch. The path may consist of several concrete blocks surrounded by gravels. You can also opt to grow bush around the concrete path if you prefer to have greener looking yard. This path makes your front space looking more organized and visitors would have solid ground to step on as they go to your door.

Another example of front yard landscape design ideas commonly found in the city would be the block garden. Instead of gardening directly on the ground, homeowner can build makeshift pot using concrete in block form. This type of garden looks cleaner and tidier. Usually the type of plants to be planted there are the smaller ones so it would not take too much space.

There are some modern front yard landscape designs that add vertical garden into the mix. It is a great solution, especially if you do not have large space at the front of your house. You can grow vines on a wall space. It would look really good and making the yard looking greener.

Another thing that you can add to your modern front yard would be LED lights on the stone path and your concrete pot. The lights would provide sufficient illumination during the night. It also has a pleasing modern vibe.

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