18+ Top Dark and Light Grey Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for 2019

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Light grey kitchen cabinet has become the new trend that many people like to use. Compared to the brown or white kitchen cabinet, this color is richer. Furthermore, the gray color itself comes in light and dark tone. When used, they actually can create a balance in the kitchen that mixed neutral and warm feeling.

Do not worry as you can actually find various gray shades in different undertone. They are endless and comes in tinted grays to blue gray that is bolder. If you do not want to stay away from the traditional colors. You can actually try to mix the gray color with white color.

The best light grey kitchen cabinet can be created by combining the right style with the right color scheme. For example, if you want to use light grey kitchen cabinet with blueish undertone, it is better to combine it with blue color scheme. Then to balance it out, you can use light wooden flooring.

Meanwhile, you can also use dark grey color for your kitchen cabinet. This color has a lot of depth which will make your kitchen cabinet design appear richer. You can combine it with wooden countertop to add more shade into the kitchen.

Those who want to create farmhouse kitchen design can also use blue gray as the color of their cabinet. To make it appear more interesting try to use distressed look in the kitchen cabinet. This will give your kitchen rustic appearance while still getting modern feeling from the gray color.

Do not be afraid of using gray color on the entire kitchen cabinet. This color is rich but still neutral. That way, the color will not be overwhelming even if you put them all over the kitchen area. Furthermore, light grey kitchen cabinet will make your kitchen appear open and airy which suitable for modern style.

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