10+ Stunning Modern Design Marylebone Apartment in London

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If you are looking for apartment in London, then you need to see this split-level style one. This penthouse apartment has magnificent view facing the capital with four bedrooms that you can use. That is why, it is a great place that you can use for entertaining as well as living.

The space itself is designed with modern style where furniture pieces using more streamline design. Furthermore, combined with various modern appliances that you can see throughout the apartment you can really make use of the space.

It would be great for simple things such as lounging after work or even to entertain your guest. You can find spacious reception room which completed with different aspect of entertainment that you need. You can even use the TV area to entertain and have fun in this beautiful apartment in London.

Take a look at the kitchen which filled with stainless steel appliances. The appliances are integrated into the cabinet to create a modern and seamless look. Do not worry as there are plenty of storage that you can use on the kitchen cabinet.

The countertop is created using high quality material that makes the whole kitchen appear exclusive and luxurious. You can enjoy a few drinks in the bar area which decorated with stools. Have a fun experience during your dinner while looking at the capital scenery to feast your eyes.

The stairs are created using glass and metal combination which suit the decoration and atmosphere. You can take it to reach the master bedroom which is very spacious and luxurious. Not to mention the suit bathroom is very elegant and combined with dressing room that you can use.

You can find a lot of luxurious items around the area such as chaise lounge on the seating area. There are also three other luxurious bathroom that make this modern apartment in London more stunning.

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