10+ Sweet Nursery Wall Decorations For Your Child

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Having a child is the wish of all married people. The presence of a child can make your home atmosphere more warm and pleasant.

When having a child, many parents start preparing for various needs. One of the things that is prepared is the bedroom and child care.

For those of you who are new to have children and want to find decoration ideas for childcare room. This time we will give you some interesting decoration ideas to try.

The wall decor in this room has a concept of the night. You can use this decoration by painting the walls of room with a dark gray color similar to the color of sky at night. Then put the decoration in the form of stars in some parts of wall.

White and black colors are neutral colors and you can use on many types of rooms. The walls of the room are white and black with floral motifs can be the right choice.

Harmony of color is very visible in this parenting room. Room walls, child beds, carpets, and curtains have colors and motifs that match each other.

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Jean Ford